Innovation Required

There are several technological arenas that require further development and attention. Not specifically in the support of existing projects but in the development of new solutions to outstanding issues. The goal here is to delineate these problems along with some potential solutions and hopefully to form working groups that can begin to develop solutions for these issues.

Proprietary Module Standard:
The Problem: Open source projects are unable to secure licensing to commercial volumes (for bible study software) for inclusion in their modules – even with a premium price tag – since these modules can be reverse engineered and the content redistributed illegally.
A Solution: Creation of a standard method by which commercial modules for open source projects can be encrypted/secured preventing illegal redistribution and copying.

Standard Resource Module Format:
The Problem: Modules purchased through one vendor (e.g. Logos or Biblesoft) are only accessible via that software program. There is little portability of modules between software vendors. This leaves individuals tied to a specific software product and sometimes needing to acquire multiple software engines in order to gain access to all the modules they desire.
A Solution: Create a standard format that can be read by any bible study software that supports the format. Individual companies could continue to use their own special tags and these would simply be ignored by the standard format readers. It would easiest if an existing commercial bible company made their standard available as the core for an open format.

Open Bible Image Library:
The Problem: There is a dirth of quality maps of biblical events. While there are general maps covering the area – there are few available maps describing specific passages of Scripture.
The Solution: Create a large repository of maps which focus in on each specific biblical story and provide maps largely keyed only to explain that story – thus avoiding overcrowded maps. Make these maps freely available for inclusion in open source / free projects. Additionally, other images relating to biblical history, events, and concepts could be included.