Get Involved

This page is oriented towards those individuals who are interested in assisting in various ways with these various technological projects. While the emphasis is on supporting the technological development of these resources there is usually a large amount of opportunity for individuals who aren’t Information Technology professionals to assist with these projects such as:

  • Documentation – This is a weak spot for many developers. It is great to have end users look over or create documentation that is written by end users for end users.
  • Marketing – Sometimes great technologies are created by few people know about them. Helping share the word is always needed.
  • Financial – If you can support some of these projects financially – that is always greatly appreciated. Many of these projects being free / open source do not create large revenue streams and many are supported by volunteer endeavors.
  • Correspondence – Sometimes an individual is needed to serve as a first line of response in processing emails, passing on only the difficult questions to the core technical team.

Bible Software:

  • The Sword Project (Crosswire Bible Society) – An open source/free bible software application with multiple front-ends written for various operating systems (e.g. Windows/Linux) and platforms (e.g. mobile/internet).

Bible / Ministry Study Resources: